Deluxe "First Alert" Public Alert Radio

Deluxe "First Alert" Public Alert Radio

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  • NOAA alert function: Radio automatically sounds an alerting siren tone and flashes the appropriate LED color when a weather or civil emergency broadcast is received from NOAA (Weather Band).


  • Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.): This allows you to store up to 20 different location codes in memory. Each code identifies a specific area, such as a county, defined by NOAA. Setting the S.A.M.E. location helps reduce unnecessary alerts.


  • Alphanumeric display: LCD panel displays NOAA weather band, AM and FM frequencies, time, programming information, and alert/status descriptions. When radio is powered by the ac adapter or a 12Vdc source, the display is continuously backlit.


  • Nonvolatile memory: Radio programming data is stored in nonvolatile memory that will not lose settings even when both ac and battery power are lost.


  • Remote alert jack (3.5 mm): Provides a contact closure to activate special-need external accessory devices such as strobe lights, pillow vibrators, and remote sirens   for the handicapped (handicapped accessories are not included).


  • Alert audio out jack (6.2 mm, mono): Allows connection of the siren and audio signals to a public address system with amplifier and unamplified external speaker. The   Volume knob controls the audio output level, and the radio speaker is disabled when this feature is active. (Note: The back of the radio's package says that this is a 7.6 mm jack and that the


  • External antenna (F connector): Allows you to connect an optional external antenna (not included) for weather band only to improve reception in fringe or low-reception areas such as a shelter.


  • Rear panel power jack: Connects to included 9Vac wall adapter or 12Vdc car accessory adapter (not included).


  • Battery backup: Radio will operate on five AA non-rechargeable alkaline or rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries. Alkaline batteries provide up to 24 hours of operation, while NiCad or NiMH batteries provide 8 to 15 hours.


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